Thursday, September 28, 2017

Before & After

Brighten, Sharpen, Push, Shove, Just Make Sure it Looks Perfect

I've had the chance to work with the renowned Midwest commercial real estate broker, Terry Coyne, for about a dozen years now. Terry's a friend, too, so no matter how good the composition [photo credit: Gabriella Gallo] of an arriving photo might be, we're certain go the extra step in production to make sure it looks perfect.



These little details always matter, especially as it relates to premier products and brands. Taking the time to really care about the presentation, the quality of the copy, and the beauty and personality of images pays off in the long run. Need office space in Cleveland, Ohio? You already know who to call.

– Jon Roketenetz

Jon is the CEO of GimmeAnother and founder of 3VERB.