Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Jet Steps on the Gas

Walmart's Acquisition Propels Email Campaign while Regional Grocers & CPGs Sit on the Sidelines

Over the past four months, Walmart's Jet.com has aggressively pursued visibility of items generally identified as traditional grocery store purchases in email after email. It's not Amazon that should be worried, though.

To wit: please find screenshots of from over a dozen emails since June of this year promoting their grocery items. They cover all sorts of brand and product types... and they make a case beyond price: convenience.

From Barilla Pasta to Pace Salsa, from Dove Soap to Quaker Oats, Jet.com is picking the low-hanging fruit: the inability of regional grocers, CPGs, other retailers to cement the loyalty of their customers with the technology convenience tools their customers have come to expect.

– Jon Roketenetz

Jon is the CEO of GimmeAnother and founder of 3VERB.