Sunday, June 17, 2018

Pneumatic Tubes, Seashells, Surfing

As I close the array of browser tabs with articles I've recently read, I've decided to try document each, two or three at a time, with a quick two sentence impression of the article and link.

Chicago’s Strange History With Pneumatic Tubes - From one of my, maybe my top, favorite writers of Chicago interest, Robert Loerzel, a Chicago Magazine article from 2013 describing the nine-mile network of pneumatic tubes that were originally installed in downtown Chicago. Like abandoned subway tunnels and stations, these tubes remind me of the aspirations behind infrastructure and our collective, inevitable pull toward faster and easier communication — like Moore's Law but not for processor speed or transistor density. As technology shortens the distance in lines of communication will we take the time to compile our thoughts before hitting 'send' or just let the conversation devolve into a series of knee-jerk impressions? Complete article here.

Google Search on 'Fahrenheit 451 Seashells' - Like Apple Airpods, Ray Bradbury predicted a similar 'thimble radio' that would take us away from the written word, simply speaking ideas directly into your ear. At a stoplight last week, a younger gentleman, dressed for success, walked in front of my car, across the crosswalk, lost in a world of music made possible by his headphones while missing out on the sounds of the city in the summer.

Guardian Interview with Laird Hamilton, the Surfer - The most important thing to me about Laird Hamilton, about whom I knew very little, was the American Express commercial that featured the Los Lobos song 'Mas y Mas' as the soundtrack. I read this article to learn more. While I've already forgotten about nine points of his ten-point plan to 'supercharge your body,' I did lock in on and appreciate his candid discussion of quitting alcohol. He also credits his top physical shape to, among other things, alternating ice baths and saunas and 'the ability to suffer consistently.' Full article here.

– Jon Roketenetz

Jon is the CEO of GimmeAnother and founder of 3VERB.

Friday, June 15, 2018


Amazon Wants You to Build Another Store

I've read enough Medium and Vox articles recently to know I should get right to the point.

Prediction: Regional grocers will lose the battle against Walmart, Amazon, Target, Peapod, and specialty meal providers (Blue Apron, etc.) as they try to stem losses with physical store expansion rather than developing technology conveniences to re-engage and cement consumer loyalty. They will stumble into resource-heavy projects — home delivery, in particular — and burn cash trying to match the logistics game of retailers who have mastered delivery years ago.

Bonus Prediction: There are a million ways for regional grocers to defer this fate, but Amazon, in particular, wants to draw them into this losing battle. Just watch.

Additional reporting on the from WSJ here.

– Jon Roketenetz

Jon is the CEO of GimmeAnother and founder of 3VERB.